photovoltaic is responsible for the energy of the waiting station

We convert solar light into energy by means of solar cells. Electricity generated in this manner is stored or used immediately. Photovoltaic technology is ideally suited for our sustainable waiting station. As such, the needs can be satisfied without this requiring a connection to the power grid. Photovoltaic facilitates reducing CO2 emissions and saves costs – because no cabling is required and no external energy is needed for operation.


The waiting station as infopoint

Passengers and citizens will find the necessary information at the infopoint. Be it timetables, municipality news or poster space for advertising purposes – there are a myriad of possible ways to furnish the waiting station with display cabinets in a highly individualised manner. The elements are well illuminated. They have weatherproof cladding and can be optically designed with a glass and wooden look.

In addition, the e-paper technology from next urban can also be used (optionally). Thanks to its robustness and flexibility, the e-paper display deZign is ideally suited for this purpose. more Information:


USB port

Our age is hallmarked by tremendous progress in information technologies. Today we can no longer imagine daily life without modern communication. We are connected everywhere and at all times. The battery is often the weak spot of mobile devices. Being able to charge one’s device when away from home is really nice. Station by fonatsch offers this.


wireless network is available

Connected to the world quickly – surfing with a wireless connection, regardless of whether our customers are on the road with mobile telephones, tablets or other devices. A special service that is gladly accepted and turns a bus stop shelter into the waiting zone of the future! The world is changing – and we are involved in designing this change!

We prepare the surroundings and our partner supports you in implementing the wireless networt - Unwired Networks GmbH


Energy for your E-Bike an advantage for your infrastructure

Rolling with the trend: e-bikes are on the rise! More and more people enjoy riding their bikes with assisted pedalling – high speed and big coverage is fascinating. The charging station for e-bikes expands the infrastructure of every municipality. Station by fonatsch – a meeting point for active residents and vacationers who like doing things quickly!


Well illuminated for your safety

Illuminated objects are not only an optical eye-catcher – they also convey a feeling of safety and well-being. Especially waiting zones should ensure that this need is sufficiently satisfied. Our waiting station is equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology with optimised lens optics. Intelligent, energy-saving lighting control ensures a long-lasting lighting.


various models of the waiting station are available

Our waiting station can also be individually adapted to the different needs of the users. For example, there is also a station for the cycle path - called the bike station or another one for hikers - the hiking station.

For those who do not want to do without the design but perhaps have too little space or want to replace an existing waiting house, there is now the "Station Light" available. Proven design without solar panel and additional functions.